February 2014  

Information and tips for users of Court PC's online databases

Using Wildcards

Remember that wildcards are no longer required at the end of the party name to match all potential records. 

Click here to read more about using them elsewhere.

Conducting a thorough Party Name Search using the Court PC Online Database

You're searching for litigation involving an individual, and you've run the Party Name Search for that name as an individual.   Consider running the party's last name through the business name records to check for any "irregular entries," such as a person serving as an administrator or executor of an estate, a person using a DBA name, or an individual name mistakenly entered where a business name should go.  One out of every 50 entries in the business name data fits one of those three categories.   Court PC never charges for duplicate name searches, so why not take the extra step?


Qu?  What do the letters "PPA" mean when used in a party name record?

"PPA" stands for the Latin phrase per procura, meaning "by proxy"-- typically used when a parent is named in litigation in the place of a minor child

Handling a huge number of matching records.

So maybe your last party name search produced over a thousand matching records.  What's your strategy for reviewing, analyzing or presenting such a large number of matching records?  Consider exporting the data to a TXT file for use in Microsoft Excel or Access.  

With data mapping and mining software like Datawatch's Monarch or SAP's Crystal Reports, you can easily convert that TXT file for use with MS-Excel, to sort and filter the records as needed.  Of course, not everyone has these tools available.  If you don't, e-mail one or more TXT files to Court PC, and we'll convert it to an MS-Excel workbook or MS-Access database for you. 



Would you like to be able to use Court PC on your tablet or smartphone? 

Are there other output or filtering features we should add? 

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Searching business names beginning with a series of three or more random letters



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