January 2014

NEW! Court PC Connecticut Probate Court database

NEW! Patriot Act data available through Court PC online database

Court PC party name search now automatically captures name extensions

A word of caution about CT Judicial Branch online criminal conviction records

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NEW!  Court PC Connecticut Probate Court database

Court PC now offers Connecticut Probate Court data through our online database.  The data has been compiled from records provided by the CT Probate Court Administrator.  Over 500,000 probate estate and trust matters from the early 1990s forward are included in the database, and data is updated monthly.  

The following searches are available:  by decedent or trust name at $7/search; by attorney or fiduciary name (provides a listing of all cases associated with the attorney or fiduciary with links to case details) for $15/search; and all open cases in a specific probate district for $15/district.

Typical case details contain the following information: 

  • Decedent's full name and date of death or name of trust
  • Court location, case number and Judge
  • Date filed, type of case, open/closed status, and date closed
  • Attorney and/or Fiduciary name(s) with address information
  • Inventory status, file date and type

All name searches may be conducted by either a last name or fragment of the name and capture name extensions automatically without use of wildcards. 

NEW!  Patriot Act data available through Court PC online database

If you're required to conduct Patriot Act searches for background checks, closings or other regulated transactions, you can now access the Export.gov consolidated screening list through the Court PC website.  This list covers approximately 28,000 individuals and entities identified by the Commerce, State and Treasury Departments who have been barred from conducting import/export or other transactions with US citizens or entities.  Data is updated regularly (often weekly) as released by these government agencies.  Patriot Act search charges are $5 per name.

Court PC party name search now automatically captures name extensions

After sending out countless reminders on the use of wildcards, we've changed the way our search logic handles the terms you enter in a standard party name search.  The asterisk wildcard ("*") at the end of a name is no longer necessary -- all name extensions are automatically provided.  If you enter just the five letters "CIGNA" as a search term, the search logic now captures records matching the names Cigna, Cigna Corporation, Cigna Dental Health Inc., Cigna Financial Advisors LLC and so on. 

Entering the search as CIGNA* has no negative effect, as the new search logic ignores the final wildcard.  Asterisks used anywhere else in the search term are still treated as wildcards, so L*BERM entered as a last name will match records entered as Lieberman or Leiberman.

Likewise, if you enter the last name EVANS, you'll be able to see records where the last name field reads Evans, Evans Sr., Evans Admin Estate of, etc.  If you simply enter the letter S in the first name field, the records returned will include Sean, Sandra, and Scott; an *IS in the first name field will match to Doris, Isaac, and Morris. 

A word of caution about CT Judicial Branch online criminal conviction records

I've routinely advised clients using the criminal records convictions data offered on the CT Judicial Branch website to be mindful of the State's disclaimer that cases are dropped off the database after ten years.  While dropping older records seems reasonable and fair when applied to simple misdemeanors or Class D felonies, this practice carries some troubling, probably unintended consequences.  I was recently surprised to find no records on the site for a 2002 conviction for some very serious offenses. 

To check whether this was a fluke, I ran a simple query on the Court PC criminal records database for all cases with a guilty verdict entered in January 2003 where the minimum jail time imposed exceeded ten years.  This produced 76 matching case records.  I checked a sample of about 20 of these convictions against the Judicial Branch data, and found that only two of those 20 records were still appearing in the Judicial Branch data.  Many of the conviction records in the sample I checked carried a minimum jail time of 20 years or more.

My casual survey confirms that the State strictly observes that 10-year retention rule.  This represents a policy change regarding criminal data retention from the time when I started collecting criminal conviction records back in the early 1990s.  At that time, the policy was to remove records from the data two years after the end of any sentence or probationary period served.  

The takeaway from this?  Some convicted offenders still on probation or actively serving time will have "clean" criminal records according to the CT Judicial Branch data.  And do not rely on this data exclusively if you are looking for a complete criminal history.        

Please e-mail or call if you have any questions this e-mail has not answered.  Thanks for your time and attention.

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