January 2015   

Information and tips for users of Court PC's online databases

Introducing online document ordering

You can now order paper copies of documents directly from your search results, whether you've searched a party name for civil or criminal records, looked up a closed case by docket number, or checked our Probate Court database.  Court PC and Connecticut Document Service have jointly developed an online document ordering service for users of the Court PC website and database. 

Documents may be ordered from any court location or other public records office in the State of Connecticut.  Connecticut Document Service is based in New Haven and has document retrievers covering the entire state.

It's easy to access the service, whether you're logged in or not.  Use any "Order copies" link in our website, fill in basic customer and contact info, provide basic document info or select documents from your search results, and click the submit button.  You'll be contacted shortly by Connecticut Document Service to confirm the details of your order.  Orders are fulfilled within 24-48 hours, and expedited service is available if needed.

It's even easier for logged-in users -- order copies from any number of cases and you only have to fill in basic customer info once during any online session.

Too many matching records in your results?

For tips on using the Refine Search feature, click here to read more...

Qu?  What does "A/S/O" mean when it appears in a party name record?

It stands for  "as subrogee of," meaning the party has paid the expenses or debts of another and is now acting as their substitute to collect on their claim.

Using wildcards

Remember that wildcards are no longer required at the end of the party name to match all potential records. 

Click here to read more about using them elsewhere.

Court PC offers new application for running CR/MV searches

If you or your clients need to run regular criminal background checks on our database, please ask about our new API (application programming interface).  This API uses XML encoding to pass data directly between computers, allowing a remote user to access and search our database, and receive CR/MV case data without going through our webpages.  The CR/MV convictions data received from our server is in a format that can easily be read into proprietary pre-employment screening software or similar applications for further processing. 

Court PC created this API to facilitate searching by a major background screening firm conducting about 4,000 criminal searches in Connecticut each month.  However, this API would also be useful for anyone running CR/MV searches who finds it preferable to receive criminal records information as raw data so it can be easily reconfigured for use in internal reports. 



Would you like to use Court PC on your mobile device?  Let us know.

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Searching business names beginning with numbers


Using the Refine Search feature


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